Phuong currently works as a S.T.E.A.M. instructor at Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation (CIHADF) at STRIVE Prep – Ruby Hill. She enjoys spending her work days with her fellow CIHADF co-workers who she would describe as considerate and hardworking; she also loves the Dreamers. To be a part of this program makes her happy because of the great work environment, as well as the opportunity to implement programs through CIHADF that makes school and learning fun and interactive. She is grateful for this work experience and has high beliefs that CIHADF will be able to serve more students in different communities with great, loving and resourceful employees and resources. In her free time, Phuong enjoys yoga, shopping, gardening, watching tv series, laughing and doing miscellaneous activities involving humble individuals and ones that inspire others.

Phuong is a student attending the Community College of Denver. She will be finishing up her Associates of Science degree in the fall of 2018. She will then transfer to Metropolitan State University of Denver to complete a bachelor’s degree in Biology and an additional associates program in Dental Hygiene. Later, she hopes to continue school to learn illustration, scientific informatics, apparel designing, philanthropy, journalism, and to become a sustainability specialist.