Kimberlee Sia comes to the Colorado “I Have A Dream Foundation (CIHAD) team following six years as the Chief Executive Officer of KIPP Colorado Schools. Prior to her work at KIPP Colorado, Kimberlee served as the Chief Academic Officer at Lighthouse Academies. Kimberlee started her work at Lighthouse as the founding principal of West Gary Lighthouse Charter School in Gary, Indiana. She then went on to work on the national team as Director of Professional Development, Regional Director, and Regional Vice President before taking the Chief Academic Officer position. Kimberlee began her career as a middle school math teacher with Teach For America in Newark, New Jersey and then spent six years teaching in Southern California. 

In addition to leading CIHAD, Kimberlee serves on several advisory boards for organizations focused on issues such as education equity and accountability, redefining power and influence in education, and support for out-of-school learning opportunities for youth of all ages. She is also a board director for the Colorado League of Charter Schools. Kimberlee has had the opportunity to complete the Downtown Denver Partnership’s Leadership Program and to be an American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Leadership Network Fellow. Kimberlee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both History and German from Northwestern University and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership and Organizations from University of California, Santa Barbara.

KSIA@CIHADF.ORG, 303.861.5005 EXT. 100