Fran is an Instructional Coach for the Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation (CIHAD). Prior to working with CIHADF she served as a school principal for 25 years, the last four in urban charter schools.   She would tell you her favorite part of that work besides the children was to support teachers and parents through training and coaching. Fran’s own training came from some of the best in non verbal communication, mentoring, coaching and instructional analysis and evaluation.  Prior to being a principal, she was not only a teacher but also led several organizations including a national curriculum project, state educational associations, an educational foundation and university support for rural and small schools.

She has been a licensed principal in both Colorado and Louisiana, served on the board of the Harvard Principals Center, developed and ran an alternative licensure program and developed and initiated a summer institute for administrators focusing on how to support and grow teacher expertise where she also was a trainer.  

With Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation, Fran’s role is primarily instructional coaching of both summer, after school and academic support programs along with program support and evaluation.