Ebony currently works as a S.T.E.A.M. instructor at Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation (CIHADF) at STRIVE Prep – Ruby Hill. Since joining CIHADF, the most rewarding part has been watching Dreamers thrive in the program followed by seeing the growth that the team has made. Ebony currently works as an afterschool coach and instructional lead. Ebony entered the academic world to explore her passion for nurturing skill development and healthy bodies through active movement. Ebony’s approach to education is largely inspired by her desire to make a difference in her community, which is reflected in her teaching philosophy and vision. As an educator, Ebony takes pride in her dedication and thrive on an open, positive and supportive environment. Ebony enjoys working with a diverse cultural community, as it allows her to learn, grow and expand opportunities for her students. A true enthusiast in every way, Ebony enjoys spending her time eating great food and exploring the outdoors with her dog.

Ebony is currently earning her degree in Physical Education for K-12 at MSU-Denver.