Berenice Aguirre joined Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation (CIHAD) 2018 as the new K-5 Director at STRIVE Prep – Ruby Hill. Before joining the CIHADF team, she taught for three years within the STRIVE school network . As a teacher, Berenice developed and implemented English Language Development curriculum. In addition, as part of the school’s family council, she helped lead culturally responsive family engagement practices. Berenice brings to CIHADF and in her current role experience working with diverse students, including differently abled students, English Language Learners and their families. In addition, she brings knowledge-based experience working with immigrant communities delivering “Know Your Rights” based curriculum as an ESL teacher and conducting outreach initiatives. An immigrant herself, Berenice believes immigrants are an integral part of society and believes they deserve equal access to opportunities that contribute to their advancement. She is a passionate advocate for underserved and immigrant communities.

Berenice graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies.

BAGUIRRE@CIHADF.ORG, 303.861.5005 EXT. 111